Ema Catharina van Bolhuis is a 23 year old photographer, currently based in Amsterdam. She completed her Bachelor studies at the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam (2023). 
As she pursued her love for photography in the last four years, she discovered her passion for fashion photography, which allows for a perfect combination of creativity and self-expression through styling and composing an image from scratch. This dynamic combination of fashion and photography is an endless source of inspiration for her in witch she finds joy in exploring new techniques and experimenting with different styles. She firmly believes that fashion photography has the power to inspire, challenge, and provoke thought, and strives to create works that are both meaningful and visually compelling.
The contrast between darker tones and colour is her signature style. This adds depth and dimension to the photograph, making it more dynamic and interesting to look at. It also creates a sense of mood and emotion in the image.
2024 'ICONS' FOAM X MAQAM group exhibition, MAQAM, Amsterdam
2023 'AREA23' graduation exhibition, series 'PERSPECTIVE'. Keilepand, Rotterdam
2023  'Groeipijn' FOAM X Meervaart group exhibition, series 'Navigate', Amsterdam
Image from 'PERSPECTIVE' PF Fotografie Magazine #5
2023 Workshop FOAM X MAQAM, by Dana Lixenberg, Amsterdam
2023 Workshop FOAM X Meervaart, by Coco Olakunle, Amsterdam
2022-2023 Internship hazazH Film & Photography, Amsterdam
2019-2023 Bachelor University of Applied Photography, Amsterdam

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